Wednesday 28 September 2011

Google Docs Templates: Thousands Of Templates To Increase Productivity.

Google Docs serves as one of the best alternatives to Microsoft Office and now they are making it even better by offering thousands of templates that users can use to cut down their time and efforts. The templates are uploaded by other users and cover a massive variety of areas including resumes, presentations, invoices, billing documents, budgets and financial models, agreements and contracts, labels, business cards and many more.

You can preview each template and start using it right away. The templates can be browsed by category, languages, template type and even by popularity and rating. You can also rate each template or embed it anywhere on the web. The gallery also lets you view the templates you have used or the ones you have submitted to the gallery.


1.> Thousands of templates for various Google Docs.
2.> Cover presentations, spreadsheets, forms and even drawings.
3.> Include materials from over a dozen categories.
4.> Rate each template it or embed it elsewhere.

Visit GoogleDocstemplates from here @

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