Thursday 15 September 2011

Nokia Announces Inexpensive Dual-SIM Phone

Nokia has announced two very affordable phones with music features, the dual-SIM Nokia 101 and the single SIM Nokia 100. The 101 is the fifth dual-SIM phone from the company and is the most affordable of the lot.

The Nokia 101 is a dual-SIM phone, allowing the user to access two different networks. The Nokia SIM manager in the phone allows the users to decide which SIM card is to be used to make calls and which is to be used for SMS, to maximise cost benefits and maintain network coverage with just a single phone. It also allows users to store settings of up to five SIM cards on the phone and to personalise them by assigning names and logos for each SIM setting. The 101 comes with multimedia facilities including an MP3 player, FM radio, loudspeaker, and 16 GB expandable memory.

The Nokia 100 is aimed at users looking for durability and simplicity with an affordable means of texting and making calls. It is the most affordable colour display phone from Nokia and comes with an easy to use grid-based menu system with icons, which is easy to use. This phone also features an FM radio and a loudspeaker to play the same. The above phones come with Nokia Life Tools and Nokia Money for instant access to locally-relevant information on healthcare, education, agriculture, and entertainment.

The phones will come with an attractive offer from Airtel, which will provide customers with 100 minutes of free Airtel to Airtel talk time for one month. Customers can opt to continue the plan for the next month with a minimum recharge. The offer also includes 400 national and local SMS free every month. The Nokia 100 and Nokia 101 will be available at MRPs of Rs 1399 and Rs 1699 respectively with the former becoming available in October, while the latter launching in the next few weeks in black and red colours.

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