Monday 12 September 2011

Samsung Could Ditch WP7 To Focus On Bada

While it is a widely known fact that Microsoft actually profits a little with every Android smartphone sold, the report that Microsoft makes as much as $15 per Android handset sold by Samsung took everyone by surprise because it believes that the company isn't too focused on the WP7 platform. It seems like Samsung is looking to shift focus according to the latest reports suggesting that the Korean electronics giant will be ditching the WP7 platform once and for all so as to focus on the Bada platform. The rumor suggests that the company will continue to support the platform till the end of 2012. This does come as a surprise to us mainly because of the fact that the company is planning to launch a Windows Phone Mango handset when the update becomes available. Perhaps that's one of the last handsets from Samsung in the Windows Phone arena. Samsung recently thrashed the rumors of the company taking up the webOS platform from HP. For now it does seem like Samsung will be focussed on Android and Bada.

That said, a clear conclusion cannot be drawn yet because this is merely a rumour spotted on Twitter, courtesy of SamFirmware. This is an unofficial Samsung blog, which covers rumours and other info related to Samsung products. It will be interesting to have Samsung's take on the matter, which will either confirm or put a rest to the whole rumour. However, when we closely analyse Samsung's relationship with Microsoft, it isn't hard to consider the possibilities of this rumour turning out to be actually true. WP7 isn't exactly selling like hotcakes in the market, which is a cause of major concern for Microsoft. A lot counts on the Nokia Windows Phone devices which will step into the market in a few months. If WP7 could reach out to the deep Nokia fan base, we might just be able to see a revival. Given the current market conditions, that may be too much to ask for. Samsung is obviously ambitious about the Bada platform and is willing to do whatever it takes to improve it and at the same time will look forward to developing and producing Android handsets. Ditching WP7 could therefore be beneficial for Samsung.

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