Thursday 8 September 2011

Philips to launch Android smartphones next month in India

Philips, which re-entered Indian mobile phone market toda, has announced that it will be launching two Android smartphones next month in the country. While, there are no details on these smartphones as of now, but they are said to feature longer battery life than the current standard in Android smartphones. These smartphone will also feature dual-SIM capability.

To give you guys a little background, China-based Shenzhen Sang Fei Consumer Communications Company sells the mobile phones under Philips brand. It is actually a unit of China Electronics Corp. and SED Group, which was initially set up as a joint venture between SED Group and Royal Dutch Philips Electronics Ltd. In 2007, San Fei bought Philips’ mobile phone business, retaining the brand name.

Company CEO Tan Jok Tin announced on Wednesday in the Delhi that they are seriously considering a local manufacturing facility and research and development unit in India itself.

We hope that company starts manufacturing Android smartphones in this facility in the future, which will surely help in getting prices down a bit.

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