Saturday 3 September 2011

Nexus S updated to 2.3.6, voice search bug fixed.

Google have addressed the voice search issue in the Nexus S by updating it to version 2.3.6. Users in Canada are among the first to receive this update, so the rest of us should be getting it soon. Even though the version number may seem like a big jump, the only change it brings is the bug fix. In the past many users have complained that the voice search function would randomly start up even while using another app which is pretty frustrating. It’s nice to see Google addressing this issue quickly.

Before you jump on this update, you might want to take a look at this thread from Google’s Mobile forum. Many users are complaining of new issues cropping up after applying the update. The one area that does seem to be affected is the tethering option, which stops working. Users have reported that once Wi-Fi Hotspot is turned on, they lose 2G/3G data connectivity. Perhaps it would be best to hold off on the update for a while till Google sorts this mess out. If you happen to have a Nexus S and are brave enough to go through with this update, then do share your experience with us, it would be very helpful to everyone.

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