Thursday 8 September 2011

Microsoft Apps To Be Rolled Out To Belle Handsets

Microsoft today announced the roll out of certain productivity and business apps for the Symbian Belle platform when it is made available. The Symbian Belle platform will debut with the Nokia 701, 700, and the 600, which is reported to be launched within this month. The apps will be rolled out Over-the-Air or by downloading using a computer. The best part is that this update will be rolled out for free. The list of apps will include the likes of MS Document Connection, PowerPoint Broadcast, OneNote, and MS Lyn 2010 Mobile. Microsoft will be sending out the apps during Q4 of this year.

The current lot of Symbian Anna, Symbian^3 handsets will have to wait till the Belle update is rolled out so as to access these apps. Symbian Belle is expected to roll out to Symbian^3 handsets (that have been updated to Anna) and Symbian Anna handsets from Q4 onwards, though Nokia has failed to mention a specific roll out date of the platform. Handsets such as the N8, E7, C7, Oro, C6-01, E6, and X7 are qualified for the Belle update. Microsoft will eventually roll out apps such as PowerPoint, Word, Excel as native applications on Symbian Belle smartphones. At the same time, MS will be offering the OneNote Sync with SharePoint as well as SkyDrive.

Microsoft will be rolling out vital productivity apps such as these, which will enable users to engage in their day to day activities with much ease. The Nokia-Microsoft tie-up is already turning out to be beneficial for both the companies and the users of course. It seems like Nokia hasn't given up on Symbian just yet which is a welcome sign. Symbian has a decent hold in Asian and European countries, but the market share is rapidly diminishing with the advent of affordable droids. Either way, it's good to see Nokia making an effort to get back on top where it used to belong a few years ago.

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