Friday 9 September 2011

G+7 brings Google+ to the Windows 7 desktop

For those of you who wanted to run Google+ on your desktop, here's a way. G+7 is a Windows 7 gadget that remains on your desktop. It provides access to your stream and includes links and images and if you see something interesting, you can open it immediately. When you click on something to open it, a mini side browser opens up with the content and when you click again, your default browser opens up displaying the content you want to see. When you're logged in to the app, it will keep your stream up to date constantly. There is a tool that will allow you to specify how often you want your stream to update. You can increase or decrease the size of an undocked G+7. The size can go from 300 x 400 pixels to 500 x 600 pixels. It can be moved anywhere around on the desktop since it is a Windows 7 gadget.

If you love Google+ and are a Windows 7 user, this gadget will help you access your stream right from your desktop, of course allowing you to stay connected more. G+7 is free and it currently only supports Windows 7. It is one of the ways Google+ offers accessibility and allows users to stay connected easily.

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