Sunday 16 June 2013

YouTube Upload Widget: Allow Your Website’s Visitors Upload To Your Youtube Channel

If you’ve ever wanted to be able to give a group of people access to upload to one YouTube channel, then check out the new YouTube Upload Widget. It’s an experimental widget made by YouTube developers which allows anyone who can see the widget to upload video to your YouTube account.

To upload videos, the widget will allow uploads from either a webcam directly or by uploading a saved video. If using a webcam, the user must log into their own Google account first.

When testing this widget it may be an idea to place the widget on an HTML page with limited access, such as a page which requires a log in.


  • Allow anyone to upload to your YouTube account.
  • Insert the widget into any HTML page.
  • Users can upload webcam streams directly to YouTube.
  • Users can upload from a saved video file.

Check out the YouTube Upload Widget @

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