Thursday 27 June 2013

Sectos offers simple and safe image and video encryption

The Sectos application also allows users to hide pictures and save them on the cloud.

Root uninstaller has announced the launch of Sectos photo and video hiding utility for Android. Sectos allows users to secretly hide sensitive photos and videos within the device so that they can be easily accessed but not by anyone else. The application is available free of cost for Android devices running version 2.1 and above, and supports a pin or pattern based lock for additional security.

To differentiate Sectos from other products available in the market the developer has added a special hidden mode for the application, which allows the application icon to be removed, and to access it users just need to enter a special number in the device's number pad to start the application.

The application allows for single touch encryption of files and also comes with a special camera mode in which all the pictures taken will automatically go into the vault and there is no need for hiding those pictures.

The developer is also working on integrating cloud storage in the application. With this the application would be able to save encrypted data on cloud storage servers like Dropbox and Google Drive for accessing later; while making the data useless for any other applications or users.

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