Sunday, 30 June 2013

Pocketory: Keep An Inventory List Of Your Possessions [iOS]

Face it, there’s a good chance that a decent amount of items are in your house. I’m talking about everything, from your TV, couch, and other furniture and appliances. It may not seem like a necessary thing to do, but it’s actually very helpful if you make a list of all your possessions. Not only can you share with friends and family, but you can also use the list when you lose items through burglary or natural disasters.

Pocketory is an iOS application which specializes in making it as easy as possible to create such lists. No matter the reason for making one, Pocketory will be there to help you with the process. With this handy app, you won’t just be able to add items to a list; you can also add unlimited pictures, scan barcodes, search online for unknown items, attach unlimited notes, and tag items with geo-location pins.

You can also use sorting and searching functions, and then easily share your items in multiple ways, including export to PDF. You can even share “pockets” with others to collaboratively work on. This is great for having a few friends helping you index all your possessions.


  • Create different lists of all your stuff.
  • Add pictures, notes, and geo-location pins.
  • Search online or with barcodes.
  • Share with friends or even collaborate.
  • Similar tools: iKeepm, Quidaty Home, Cosanote, OurShelf, StuffSafe, EasyRoomIn and OneSimpleMove.

Check it out @ the Apple App Store

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