Sunday 30 June 2013

MusicNotesLib: An Online Resource To Get Music Sheets For Popular Songs

Online guitar tabs let you easily play popular songs on your guitar. But if you have a professional band with music training and you want to cover popular songs, you are going to need more than just guitar tabs: you are going to need music sheets. Music sheets are documents that explain which musical notes are played by which instruments in a song.

People often use music sheets to play songs with their bands; these sheets also help in learning to expertly play a particular instrument in a song. If you are looking for music sheets to your favorite songs, you should check out an online resource called MusicNotesLib.

MusicNotesLib is a free to use website that gives you access to music sheets to many popular songs. The music sheets are given to you in the form of PDF documents. But the site also offers TXT and GIF files for tabs and digital files for various music software; these additional files include MIDI, SIB, and GPx Guitar Pro files.

To get your desired music sheet, you can start by searching for the song, album, or artist you are looking for. You can also browse the “Trends” section on the site’s homepage and see which artists are popular on the site according to the day or month. Recently added artists can also be checked out.

When you find a song you like, go to its MusicNotesLib page where you will find a short biography of the band. Under the band’s biography, you will find the type of resources the site has for that particular’s bands songs. For example, you can see from the screenshot below that the website has guitar chords for 37 of AC/DC’s songs, guitar tabs for 429 songs, bass tabs for 150 songs, drum tabs for 24 tabs, MIDI/PDF files for 39 songs, and GPX/PDF files for 160 songs. Then you can find the type of files available for that particular songs.

You simply have to click on them to download, without any registration required. A sample of the song or the complete song is also given for you to listen on the webpage; but you might need to download the audio file and play it with an external application in case the file is of the MID format.

As you can see, MusicNotesLib is an excellent resource for music sheets for popular songs and tabs of various instruments used play your favorite songs. Check out the site anytime you want to learn how to play a song expertly.


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Provides you with music sheets of popular songs.
  • Offers tabs for various instruments used in songs.
  • Gives short band biographies.

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