Saturday 22 June 2013

ScreenshotMonitor: Get Screenshots Of Employee Screens To Monitor Their Work

In the modern age of the Internet, there are a lot of businesses that are carried online. One specific type of business involves a person hiring people online and communicating with them through the Internet. Since physically meeting each other is usually not possible in these scenarios, employers need functional methods to monitor the progress of employee tasks and check out what they are up to.

One way could be to ping them every now and then but that might disturb the employee’s work rhythm or it simply might not be a convenient time for them because of the difference in time zones. Here to help you out of this problem is an application called ScreenshotMonitor.

ScreenshotMonitor is a free to use web service that helps out employers who hire others online. As you can tell from the app’s name, it lets employers monitor the progress of employees through screenshots taken of their computer screen. You start by creating an account on the website and then inviting employees through their email addresses. Employees check their emails and knowingly download ScreenshotMonitor. Screenshots of their screens are then timely taken and uploaded for you to view from your dashboard.

All data can be exported to Excel anytime you want. The service offers a free account that allows 2 employees and 3 screenshots per hour. Premium plans that allow more employees and screenshots begin from $6 per month.


A user friendly web service and desktop app.
Uploads screenshots from employees’ screens to web service.
Employers can see screenshots to monitor employees’ task progress.
Offers free as well as paid plans.

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