Friday 28 June 2013

Android powered game console & wrist watch in works

The Android powered gaming console would give access to content available on Android.

Google, after dominating the smartphone and tablet market with Android, is now working on doing the same for gaming consoles as well. As reported reported, Google is developing an Android powered gaming console that would offer users the opportunity to play Android games right on their big screen televisions.

However, the device is expected not to be very different from the Android powered micro-computers presently available in the market. But since the device would be made by Google advanced features and support for external controllers and other devices is expected.

The console would make absolute sense and would give an opportunity to users to access content and applications available on the Android platform already. In contrast with other gaming consoles which presently suffer due to high cost of gaming titles, the Android powered console would offer the same at a fraction of a cost and much faster availability considering the present scenario. Going forward high definition titles are also expected to offer console quality games as well.

Along with the Android powered gaming console, Google is also reportedly working on an Android powered wrist watch device as well. The wearable Android device would be built offering similar features as the popular Sony Smart watch. But Google is expected to arm it with much more features than existing smart watches of various companies that mostly work as notifications enabled gadget.

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