Saturday, 29 June 2013

Next-gen Google Nexus Q is in works: WSJ

After the debacle of original Nexus Q, Google is now reportedly working on the second-generation of this home-entertainment device. According to Wall Street Journal, the search giant plans to keep the Nexus Q II affordable, after all $299 pricing was the major bone of contention for the original.

As per WSJ report, the second version of Nexus Q could arrive this fall but nothing is certain at this point. It will be joined by Google’s upcoming Android game-console and smartwatch products both of which are currently under development at Mountain View.

Nexus Q II is likely to run on the next major version of Android – Key Lime Pie, which is rumoured to be adding support for more devices like laptops, home appliances and wearables. Google will most likely include a better support for streaming devices in this Android version.

Apart from the pricing, the limited feature set of original Nexus Q was said to be another drawback. Google should be able to fix that with the upcoming Android version.

Original Nexus Q is mostly a glorified paperweight now

In related news, with the latest update to Google Play Movies app, the original Nexus Q is no longer of any use. The updated app removes support for Nexus Q, leaving the device with access to only YouTube as the last possible content source.

Google Play Music had already removed the support for this home-streaming device as a part of a previous update. The Nexus Q owners wouldn’t be too miffed with this development; after all they got the device for free from Google.q

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