Sunday 30 June 2013

Listango: Save Bookmarks Online For Easy Organization & Accessibility

If you own a desktop computer, then there must be lots of times when you get out of the house and you do not have access to your computer. Even laptop owners are not with their laptops all the time. This means that when you need to use the Internet, you have to use somebody else’s computer. What you immediately realize are missing are your bookmarks since all your frequently visited websites will be in your browser bookmarks.

While bookmarks within your browser are very useful, it is best to store bookmarks online for increased accessibility. That enables you to access your bookmarks even when it is somebody else’s computer that you are using. Here to offer an online bookmarking service is Listango.

Listango is a free to use web service that lets its users store bookmarks online. You start using the service by creating a new account either via your email address or via your Facebook account. When your account is created, you should drag the service’s bookmarklet to your web browser’s bookmarks toolbar. This bookmarklet is what lets you bookmark websites and add them into your Listango account
First ensure that you are logged into Listango; then click on the bookmarklet any time you want to bookmark a website. You will be asked which folder to save the bookmark in and then the bookmark will be saved. You also have the option to mark webpages as “Read Later.”

Bookmarks you save in the Listango folder will appear on your public Listango username page; remaining folders are saved as private.

You can access your bookmarks by logging into your Listango account. Your folders, Read Later, and starred categories are placed on the left pane while their contents are on the right pane.

Clicking on a bookmark in the right pane will take you to its URL. You can also star bookmarks, share them on online social networks, and edit them using options in the right pane. The editing options for a bookmark let you modify its title, URL, description, and folder.

Your Listango bookmarks can be exported to HTML or CSV files.

With these features, Listango offers its users an excellent online bookmarking solution.


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Lets you save bookmarks online.
  • Works through a browser bookmarklet.
  • Lets you sort bookmarks into different folders.
  • Reserves one folder as public to help you easily share bookmarks.

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