Monday 17 June 2013

Gridster: A jQuery Plugin To Create Grids By Dragging Elements

Creating a grid for a website’s layout is not really that easy. You have to figure out the columns and rows, along with their width in pixels. Here to help you create grids in a far more intuitive way is a tool called Gridster.

Gridster is a free to use tool that helps website designers create grids. The app comes in the form of a jQuery plugin that you can easily use. Basically you get a collection of rectangular and square elements that you can drag into position to achieve your desired grid. New elements can be added anytime to suit your grid preferences; elements can be removed as you edit it too. Additionally, the plugin can be fed an HTML structure and it is converted into grid widgets.


  • A user-friendly web development tool.
  • Comes in the form of a jQuery plugin.
  • Lets you easily create grids.
  • Offers elements that can be dragged into position.
  • Can convert HTML structures into grid widgets.

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