Saturday 29 June 2013

Key Lime Pie to add official support for appliances, laptops & smartwatches: Report

Android is being used in variety of consumer devices for a long time but Google is now planning to add official support for devices like laptops and home appliances in the upcoming Key Lime Pie release.

According to a report in Wall Street Journal, with the K-release of Android (also known as Android 5.0), Google is aggressively going to promote the use of Android in additional devices like laptops, refrigerators and even wearables.

Google will be giving more freedom to the manufacturers to use Android 5.0 in such devices, which until the latest version (Jelly Bean) were not officially supported and could not get Google apps or Play store access.

Device makers were earlier also not allowed to use Android name to promote such unofficial devices, but Google has increasingly become lenient and has let companies like NVIDIA (for Shield) to use Android officially.

HP, other laptop makers working on Android-powered laptops

HP, the latest major Android partner, has already started working on laptops with the next version of Android. Using the new found freedom in Android 5.0, these upcoming HP laptops will be directly competing with their Windows counterparts.

WSJ notes Key Lime Pie running laptops will be different from the Android-powered hybrids we have seen so far that allow tablets to connect with keyboard docks.

Other unnamed laptop makers are also said to be working on similar devices.

Samsung making an Android-based smartwatch

Samsung, which recently confirmed that it is working on a smartwatch product for a long time, has now told WSJ that the smartwatch runs on Android and will come with smartphone capabilities. The report does not elaborate on these phone capabilities, but it is likely that Samsung has included a cellular modem in the watch to give direct data or voice call access to the consumers.

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