Saturday 29 June 2013

WSJ says next version of Android will work on low-end hardware

It seems like Google is finally getting serious about low-cost Android smartphones. According to a report in Wall Street Journal, Android’s next version will be better optimised for budget smartphones that are sold in emerging markets like India.

We have increasingly seen that entry-level Android phones are released with older Android versions as the manufacturers cannot get the latest Android versions like Jelly Bean run properly on them. Google plans to solve this with Key Lime Pie aka Android 5.0.

WSJ notes that the K-release of Android is expected sometime this fall and the development work for the same is being wrapped up at Mountain View.

The single Android version support for all segment Android devices will also help app developers who wouldn’t have to spend time optimising their apps for multiple versions of the same OS.

This is not the first time we are hearing about Google’s plans to make Key Lime Pie optimised for low-end smartphones. Earlier, a report by VR Zone has noted the same.

Google to launch low-cost Android phones for emerging markets: Report

In related news, Wall Street Journal also notes that Google is preparing low-cost Android phones of its own to be released in developing markets. Given the hardware ambitions as well as plans to take internet to the next billion people, the Google branded budget Android phone do not seem that surprising.  However, we still believe that it is more likely that Google will partner with local manufacturers like Micromax or Karbonn in India and similar companies in other countries to push budget devices rather than building on its own.

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