Wednesday 5 June 2013

New Gmail version for Android released

Google has started pushing the Gmail app with updated Inbox interface for the Android based devices.

Google has started pushing the new Gmail app version 4.5 for the Android platform. The new Gmail app version 4.5-694836 is being pushed to select few Android device users. New Gmail user interface brings tabbed Inbox that sorts the emails in five major categories - Primary, Social, Promotions, Updates and Forums.

The new Gmail app 4.5 for Android smartphones features a design inspired from the Gmail for iOS app. The Side Menu panel lets one choose between any of the five categories to check the emails quickly. Also, it has a list of labels for the user to choose one and view the respective emails.

The user interface brings a snapshot of the new Inbox where the four different categories are being colour coded and icons assigned to each of them. Of course, the Primary Inbox is your default Inbox.

These colour codes are then used as alphabets with coloured tile of the respective category in the Inbox in order to open the conversation. The Sender image can be tapped to select the conversation and yes, the multiple mail selection is still present in the new Gmail Inbox.

One of the new features is the Refresh option and for that the user will have to hold and pull down the Inbox interface. Just like most of the social network apps - Google+, Twitter and Facebook, offer to load the fresh feeds by pulling the pane down and then releasing it. Even the Gmail Settings has got some re-arrangement with clear set of options.

Google is expected to roll out the new Gmail app version 4.5 for Android devices from today onwards. The Gmail app is available from the Google Play store.

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