Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Intel unveils new Merrifield processor for mobile devices

The first ever quad core Intel Atom processor based on 22 nm fabrication.

Intel, the global chip giant has announced the a new Atom based chip platform for mobile devices-Clover Merrifield at the ongoing Computex 2013 taking place in Taipei. Merrifield is the new mobile platform mainly intended for tablets and smartphone devices. Merrifield takes older platforms and adds a quad core CPU core, which adds better processing capabilities to the chip. Also, a new dual core graphic processor has been adopted that improves graphic performance.

Meant to power smartphones and tablets alike the new platform will enable high performance devices while putting Intel Atom processor in the fast lane. The Merrifield platform, though, will not be commercially available till 2014. The processor looks promising enough with quad core, and since Intel already has a 2 GHz chip in its arsenal a faster clock speed can be expected.

Built using 22 nm fabrication the chips will offer better energy savings, and along with that devices will be capable of up to 9 hours of battery life, and will deliver a faster, more responsive computing experience.

The platform certainly is promising for boosting Intel's reputation among mobile devices, with the adoption of the Clover trail + platform on the rise, and with devices getting faster processors.

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