Sunday 2 June 2013

Maily: Safe E-Mail App For Kids [iPad]

Kids are a creative bunch. They just absorb things a lot differently. Sadly, if you introduce email to kids, they’d see how bland and ancient the interface looks that it limits their creativity. Maily is an e-mail client that hopes to change that by combining artsy tools paint, handwriting, and stamps to make a more compelling experience for kids.

With Maily, kids can create emails with digital tools like paintbrushes, pencils, pictures, backgrounds, and stamps. So instead of the usual text emails that we are used to, kids can roll up their sleeves and be creative with their emails.

Maily includes a personal inbox that allows them to view messages from friends and reply to them. It also has a visual contacts list to allow them to send their emails to you.

For safety, Maily gives you access to a special dashboard to check on your kids’ emails, where you can also add and delete contacts and receive a copy of emails that are sent and received. In addition, you can choose to accept or reject emails before it is sent or received.

Maily is a nice app for the iPad to help you introduce e-mail to your kids.


  • E-mail client for kids.
  • Lets them create artsy emails.
  • Parenting dashboard lets you check sent and received e-mails.
  • Also works as a normal e-mail client.
  • Free; available for the iPad.

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