Sunday 2 June 2013

Eyeist: Check Out Amazing Photos & Get Your Photos Reviewed By Professionals

In recent years, photography has seen a great influx of hobbyists and enthusiasts. Thanks to DSLR cameras that capture brilliant colors and amazing details, people have found it easier than before to take good photographs. But for your photos to travel the distance from being ‘good’ to being ‘breathtaking,’ you must develop your photography skills. This is something that most people are incapable of doing on their own. Most photographer who start out can benefit greatly from consultations and reviews from professional photographers. If you are seeking a similar consultation, you should check out the excellent website called Eyeist.

Eyeist is an excellent web service that helps emerging photographers and even professional ones to have their work reviewed. The website basically connects professional photography reviewers and experts with photography enthusiasts or professionals who are looking for ways to improve and better their work. The website offers various types of reviews that you can pay for to be completed. These reviews include a basic review in which you can have your project of 30 images reviewed; a website review to give you ideas about design and overall branding; a live review that lets you have a real time session with one of the experts; and the site also offers services of editing and sequencing to form cohesive narratives through your images. The reviews are price differently ranging from $100 per review to $350. There is a list of reviewers available on the site that you can check out.

The profile and detailed information on each reviewer is provided.

The site also lets you simply upload your images online. By being a member of the site you can check out the reviewer picks and browse through breathtaking photos that have been uploaded on the website. By checking out the reviewer’s choice pictures and reading the reviews, you can learn a lot about what to incorporate within your own photos.


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