Saturday 15 June 2013

Android 5.0 rumoured to work on devices with even 512MB of RAM: Report

VR Zone is reporting that the Google is planning to launch Key Lime Pie (probably dubbed Android 5.0) in late-October this year. The blog also notes that Android 5.0 will be optimised to work perfectly on low-end hardware – even devices with 512MB of RAM.

Considering that fact 512MB is becoming a norm for the even the budget Android devices (there are a few exceptions that run on 256MB but that is increasingly becoming rare), Google’s decision to make KLP (Key Lime Pie) optimised for 512MB of RAM is good news.

It will surely help in further lowering the prices of Android smartphones/ tablets that run on the latest version of Android rather than on seeing budget Android phones running on some outdated version like Gingerbread, as is the case currently.

There are no other details available right now. Also, there is no word on Android 4.3, which is supposed to be the next Android version. We are not even sure right now if it is even coming or not.

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