Saturday 3 November 2012

TabsPreview: Preview All Your Tabs Opened In Google Chrome

All modern web browsers offer tabbed browsing. This helps you open multiple webpages without opening multiple browser windows. But sometimes when you have a lot of tabs opened, it becomes difficult to get to the one you want. Here to help solve this problem is a tool called TabsPreview.

TabsPreview is a free to use Chrome browser tool. When installed, the extension lets you preview the currently open browser tabs. You can click on the extension’s icon in the browser’s address bar to preview all the tabs. You can select the preview style and theme color all from the newly opened preview tab. Just click on the thumbnail of the tab you want to view. Through a button in the top you can also preview recently closed tabs.


  • A user-friendly browser tool.
  • Compatible with Google Chrome.
  • Lets you preview currently open tabs.
  • Lets you preview recently closed tabs.
  • Offers colors themes and multiple preview layouts.

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