Tuesday 13 November 2012

sRemote: Run Remote Commands To Your PC Via Gmail

There are lots of programs that allow you to control your computer remotely. However, this involves VNC apps that take some cash and time to set up. What if you can control your PC just by e-mailing the command? Fortunately, sRemote is a Windows app that lets you run a variety of commands to your PC remotely using Gmail.

Setting up sRemote is very easy. You only need to record your Gmail account for sRemote to monitor, and then use another Gmail account to receive the replies from the app. After which you can start running commands for actions like taking screenshots, running programs, shutting down or logging off, sending an email, ping, and file manipulation.

The command syntax is also easy to learn. Each command is activated with a password so that only you can access your PC. And while the commands are basic, you can integrate them into your computer’s workflow to do even more complex stuff like taking screenshots of your computer periodically, opening a torrent file remotely, and more.

sRemote is a cool, geeky app for anyone who want to take control of their mother desktop from anywhere without using any app or buggy and heavy VNC clients.


  • Run computer remotely by e-mailing commands to PC.
  • Lightweight (38KB).
  • Enter commands in the subject field of your e-mail.
  • Use core commands to integrate into your PC’s workflow.

Check out sRemote @ http://venussoftcorporation.blogspot.com/2012/01/sremote-remote-control-for-pc-via-gmail.html

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