Saturday 3 November 2012

Sony Xperia Tablet S sales to start mid-Nov

The production for the Xperia Tablet S halted due to manufacturing flaw that had rendered the water resistant tablet prone to water.

Sony has resumed the production of its water resistant Xperia S and the sales of the tablet in India would resume towards the middle of this month.

Sony had planned to launch the Sony Xperia S tablet in India in October but owing to a manufacturing flaw that rendered it prone to damages from water forced Sony to halt its production. As per an official statement, a gap left between the display and the case of the tablet during its manufacturing earlier that made the Xperia S vulnerable to water.

But now Sony has ironed out all the flaws and has resumed the productions of the tablet in full force to make up for the lost time. Although it is not clear as to when the tablet will be made available in India, but Sony will be restarting the sales of the products from mid-November onwards.

For India it is being expected that the tablet will be made available at the same time as well and the tablet will be priced around Rs 26,000 for the base version with just the WiFi connectivity.

The new Sony Xperia Tablet S is basically an improved version of the original Sony Tablet S that was released last year. Sony has revised the design of the Tablet S and adopted a new slimmer profile for the Xperia Tablet S. The tablet packs a quad-core Nvidia Tegra 3 mobile processor with GeForce Graphics chip. The Xperia Tablet S will also be PlayStation certified for the users to enjoy the dedicated PlayStation Mobile games from the PlayStation Store.

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