Saturday 17 November 2012

Relive: Gather All Your Images From Different Devices into One Place [Windows Phone, Android, iOS]

These days we have so many devices that allow us to capture photographs. We can use our mobile phones, our cameras and then they are further scattered when we move them around memory cards and online photo-album websites.

Relive is a handy software, for Windows, Android and iOS devices that allow users to bring together all the images they have in one place. This gives them a nice organized collection of images.

To start off, download the software for the respective device (Window OS, Android or iOS mobile devices) and follow the setup wizard to complete the installation. You will then be required to “Connect with Facebook”. Once the setup is complete, Relive will automatically copy the images from your Facebook account to your Relive account, which you can then copy to your local computer in a moment.

As all the images are in one place, it becomes easier for a person to manage their photographs and keep a track of their memories all the time.


  • Free and easy to use.
  • Collect images and store in one place on computer.
  • Available for Windows, iOS and Android.

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