Monday 12 November 2012

Notion teases new Adam II tab

Notion Ink working on second generation tablet dubbed as Adam II and teases blurry image over its social network account.

The world barely got to see the much hyped Notion Ink's tablet - Adam, and it soon got forgotten after arrival of the Apple iPad. Now Notion Ink is gearing up to release second generation tablet - Adam II, pictures of which has now been shared by the company over its Twitter account.

Details about this second generation Notion Ink tablet are extremely limited and even the images shared are also partially blurred. It is difficult to judge whether it is yet another 10.1-inch display clad tablet or a new 7-inch display featuring affordable tablet.

The first generation Adam tablet featured a dual-core Nvidia Tegra 250 mobile processor. Hopefully Notion Ink adopts a different strategy with the Adam II tablet with compelling hardware, software and better distribution strategy.

However, the real question is whether it will be able to compete with already established tablet makers such as Apple, Samsung, and many others.

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