Saturday 3 November 2012

Google Now keeps track of your walking, biking; but not so accurately

As the month of October ended yesterday, many of the Jelly Bean users were surprised to find Google Now displaying, how much they had walked or biked in the last month.

Droid Life was the first one to spot it, but user reports suggest that it is hardly accurate.

One Nipam Shah wrote in comments on Droid Life:

I got this card today, but what was interesting is that it said I had cycled 3 miles even though I hadn’t actually cycled for the past month..
Another user wrote:

I noticed this when I booted my phone this morning. Kinda creepy. Also, I showed I rode 10 miles on a bike last month. I haven’t ridden a bike in like 5 years. Also, does running on a tread mill count for this?
Another one:

lol It says I walked 1 mile in September, and 0 miles in October. wth?
Edit: I bike 40+ miles a week, and run at least 10 miles a week, and got no idea how much I walk, but it’s not 0 miles!
It shows that this built-in Pedometer feature is hardly ready for the prime-time, but may be in the future, we will have better results.

What else is included in this?

It can compare to reports from previous months, intelligently figure out biking and walking distances separately. We hope to get more clarity on this in the coming days.

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