Wednesday 7 November 2012

Evernote enables SMS archiving and search functions

Evernote has finally enabled the SMS archiving and search function with integration from Mysms app for the Google Android devices.

Popular noting taking application, Evernote for Android has received new SMS search and archiving options via an update. Evernote has worked closely with Mysms messaging app developers to enable SMS savings feature to the Evernote account. This integration of the SMS messages will let you search for text in those SMS through Evernote.

Evernote has been offering great support to store notes - textual, and photos to archive them digitally and make them searchable. These notes can be accessed anywhere using Internet. Evernote has worked with the Mysms developers to implement and integrate the SMS archiving option within the Evernote service.

That means if you are a registered Evernote user, then you can install the Mysms application from the Google Play Store. The Mysms app allows the users to send SMS from desktop as well through the website.

One needs to install and set up the Mysms application to start archiving the current SMS on the Android phone with Evernote. All messages on the phone can be synced with the Evernote and the computer as well. Once the SMSes are archived with the Evernote, you can also search for particular friend or text from the database of archived SMS.

This feature is extremely helpful for those who have to exchange information over SMS or receive notifications about financial transactions. The archived SMS can always be used for reference about anything or the person later.

Get started with Evernote by installing it on your Android devices from here.

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