Sunday 11 November 2012

Customizable Shortcuts For Firefox: Remap Keyboard Shortcuts

Firefox may be losing its user share to Chrome, but it is still massively popular due to its add-ons that extend the features of the browser. One good example is Customizable Shortcuts for Firefox. This add-on lets you create and re-map keyboard shortcuts for your convenience, allowing you to turn your browser into a power-user’s dream.

Once the add-on is installed, a new tab will appear in the preferences window. You can search for different actions or go through each one, then click the item to modify it. Some actions include the basics like Back, Forward, and Home, to more complex stuff like editing, viewing browser tabs, and current page actions. A quick Reset button is also available if you feel you have made too many changes and just want to revert back to default.

This tool can change how you interact with Firefox, and is really useful for those who want a customized workflow when working with a  browser.


  • Remap Firefox keyboard shortcuts.
  • Sits on the preferences window for quick changing.
  • Comprehensive list of actions to modify.
  • Quick reset reverts settings to default.

Check out the Customizable Shortcuts add-on @

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