Thursday, 1 November 2012

CaptureToCloud: Save Online Images & Content Directly To Cloud

If you need an easy way to save any online content to the cloud then you should check out Capture To Cloud. This Android app and browser extension for Chrome and Firefox, allows you to send any digital content straight to the cloud.

While its feature set can be replicated by note taking apps and web clipping plugins, Capture To Cloud’s greatest convenience is that it lets you send any content directly to your online storage in one click. Once the browser-addon is installed, just right-click any area of the page you want to save. You can save images, texts, links, complete webpages, or just the URLs.

Capture To Cloud uses Google Apps as its core infrastructure. This allows for easy signups with your Google account. Capture To Cloud can also connect with your Google Drive and Dropbox accounts.

Capture To Cloud is currently available for free, although paid options with different storage plans may be available in the future.


  • Send digital content to the cloud.
  • Direct saving of content via Chrome or Firefox extensions.
  • Available as an Android App
  • Uses Google Apps infrastructure.
  • Sign-in using Google Accounts.
  • Integration with GDrive and Dropbox.
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