Saturday 10 November 2012

Apple to develop reusable dock like packaging for iPhone/iPad

The latest patent by Apple reveals that company is keen on developing reusable packaging that doubles up as the docking solution for the devices, now that's innovative.

In future you may not have to buy expensive docking station for Apple's devices as the California based company is readying a reusable packaging for its devices which will also work as a docking station.

Patently Apple, which has reported this, said in a report, "Apple has received their first Granted Patent relating to the innovations in packaging. Now the standard shipping case of packaging of the devices such as Apple iPhone or Apple iPad will also double up as a viable docking solution for users."

This will certainly be useful for users who are new to Apple and are making their first purchase this way they need not have to invest in expensive docking solutions right along with the purchase of the devices, the report added.

Apple devices use a certain kind of docking station as they come with different type of connector. Currently, there are many brands that provide docking stations for Apple devices but are generally price quite high and have to be purchased by the user himself.

Apple's packaging anyways has been better to many and with such a move, its certainly going to be liked by several Apple fans across the globe.

But with apple winning the patent for this service now more and important development work is expected to happen on this. There is a huge potential and adoption will not be a concern for the company as all and every buyer will be interested in such a solution.

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