Thursday 8 November 2012

Angry Bird Space goes to Mars

Rovio mobile's Angry Bird Space gets all new Mars missions and to save the Curiosity Mars rover from Pigs who are using it to search for eggs.

Rovio Mobile, makers of the popular mobile game - Angry Birds, is all set to take the birds to the next level. Rovio has released a brand new campaign for its Angry Birds Space installment. The Angry Birds Space will now feature new missions which carry on the fight between the birds and the green pigs who have hijacked the Curiosity Mars rover and are using it to search for eggs rather than life on the planet Mars.

The Angry Birds Space involves all the elements of the older Angry Birds game and new elements like low gravity, planetary gravitational pull and light speeds as well. So the gamers get a challenging new game play experience with this game. Rovio has also partnered with National Geographic and NASA and they have helped in the making of this game by adding elements such as the Curiosity space rover in the game.

The new update will definitely put an end to the cries of those who had played this game over and over by adding a few more stages with different levels of difficulties and challenges. In total, twenty totally new levels have been added to the game with newer achievements to unlock. Along with that two special antenna levels have also been added to the game.

The game is be available for Android and iOS and will be roll out on other operating system eventually but without a fixed timeline. The official update has been made available for both Android and iOS based users as of now.

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