Saturday 10 November 2012

Alajax: Convert HTML Forms Into AJAX

AJAX is a programming technique used mainly to improve the interface of a website. It mostly adds a desktop experience to web interfaces and make it look like true applications, rather than the stop, load, and go nature of current web technologies. If you are keen to learn the power of AJAX, you can start with ALAJAX. This simple tool converts your HTML form into AJAX code which you can use on your website.

ALAJAX uses jQuery to convert HTML forms into AJAX. Once you have downloaded the script, you only need to follow some configuration instructions to call the script, and let ALAJAX do its thing. Once done, you get your same form converted into AJAX. Since it can be applied to any form it can naturally support dynamic elements in forms.

This tool is useful for web programmers who want to know more about AJAX and test out this effect on their website.


  • Convert forms into AJAX.
  • Lightweight script.
  • Compatible with Javascript code in forms.
  • Easy to use for novice programmers.

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