Wednesday 4 July 2012

Location Bar Enhancer: Enhance Firefox Navigation Bar

Generally, we think of an address bar as a place to enter search keywords and URLs, but what if an address bar could do more? What if it could offer some incredible features that can greatly improve your web browsing experience? Well it can, if you download Location Bar Enhancer for Firefox. It offers all kinds of awesome features that improve Firefox a great deal.

The main feature is that is displays URLs in a breadcrumb kind of way. This is very useful for some users. It also gives you a handy visual display of anchor tags and queryStrings so you can find them more easily. A simple right-click will open an in-depth context menu that makes it see related addresses to the one you are now on. You can also use this context menu to edit and delete parts of the URL selection.

In addition to finding out all kinds of information about the URL you are currently looking at, you can also apply custom themes to make it look exactly how you want. It’s a nice feature for an app that offers so much functionality to also give you some options for making it look good.


  • Customize the Firefox Address Bar with all kinds of options.
  • See breadcrumb trail for the current URL.
  • Context menu gives you a large amount of options for tweaking a URL.
  • Replace gibberish parts of URL with real text wherever possible.
  • Allows middle mouse and Control click for new tabs when possible.

Find Location Bar Enhancer on the Firefox Add-Ons Page.

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