Monday 23 July 2012

Google and NIIT join hands to introduce Google Web Academy in India

Google and NIIT have come together to introduce a training center for young professionals called Google Web Academy, in India. The main reason for this initiative is said to help students and professionals acquire digital skills and prepare for the emerging online industry, as per report. NIIT will also provide specialized courses through its centres across the nation.

The news has it that Google will be providing NIIT with its training curricula and certification standards. By offering its advanced training programs, the aim is to create highly qualified professionals with skills that are essential in the online job market. While this program will be initially launched in India, it will soon be made available in the other parts of the world.

"As the Indian internet market continues to show robust growth, we believe a capacity building program to help young professionals gear up for the opportunity is the need of the hour. Google Web Academy is part of our initiative for emerging Internet economies,” said Rajan Anandan, VP & Managing Director Google India.

This program is also said to offer technical courses for IT professionals and developers. These courses will revolve around building new web and mobile applications by utilizing Google technologies, Google products integration, cloud computing and more.

Vijay Thadani, chief executive officer, NIIT said the courses offered by NIIT under the Google Web Academy program will include certification programs for online professionals covering topics like search engine marketing, optimising online presence with web analytics and enhance business productivity with Google products and technologies.

The Indian educational system has been undergoing a lot of technical makeover. AICTE recently announced its plans for an in-house job portal to assist its students and employers. Along with the job portal, AICTE also plans to launch the academic networking website and a repository of doctorate papers to check for duplication and cheating. This academic networking site plans to interconnect 7.5 million students who are enrolled in AICTE-approved institutions linked through email IDs. AICTE issues e-mail IDs to each of the students of the technical institutes approved by it. The AICTE is working on a Project Factory, a repository that has been aimed at capturing abstracts of all post graduate projects in an online bank. All these abstracts of research work will be available to industry stakeholders and research labs. So, those interested can get in touch with the concerned student. This project has proposed that the employment portal will possess every student’s semester-wise results online and link it to the CV of the student. Moreover, the CV will automatically be forwarded to HRD heads, so they can select a particular student depending upon the vacancy.

AICTE has also emerged as the biggest customer of Microsoft’s cloud solution as it will begin deploying Live@edu soon. Live@edu is a hosted communication and collaboration service that offers e-mail, Microsoft Office Web Apps, instant messaging and storage.

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