Friday 20 July 2012

Search on YouTube: Find Related YouTube Videos While Browsing Webpages [Chrome]

YouTube has become a huge repository of videos online that you can actually use to search for anything. Search on YouTube is a Chrome Extension that will allow you to do that more easily as it searches YouTube for videos that are related to the webpage that you are currently viewing.

There are a lot of useful things that you can do with this extension. For instance, you can easily find movie trailers while looking at Netflix, watch a music video for a song while looking at its lyrics on the web, look for instructional videos while reading a how-to article, and many more.

To use Search on YouTube, simply click on the extension button on your browser while viewing a particular webpage. The extension will then use the page’s search terms to find relevant YouTube videos that are related to it. A popup window will display the YouTube search results and you can view those videos there.

Search on YouTube displays only 5 search results but you can view more by pressing the scroll buttons at the side. In addition, the popup window also has a search bar which is great if you want to do the search yourself.

Search on YouTube is a very nifty extension that provides quick access to YouTube videos at a click of a button. It is a very useful tool for people who are reliant on YouTube and for those who do searches on the web.


  • Easily find YouTube videos that are relevant to the webpage you are currently looking at.
  • Uses the webpage’s search terms to find accurate results.
  • View the search results and the video in a popup window.
  • Lets you do a manual YouTube search in its popup window.
  • Displays the video’s URL.
  • Share videos to Facebook and Twitter.

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