Sunday 29 July 2012

gText: Free Group Text Messaging

Ever since the mobile phone was invented, text messages have exploded in popularity. The ability to send quick messages using the number keypad has made text messaging (also known as SMS’s) a hot favourite, especially amongst young people and students. Now a service called gText is offering users the ability to send instant free text messaging to groups.

Do you have a group of people you want to keep in touch with on a regular basis?  Maybe it’s a class or perhaps your customers or family?  Well with gText, you can send one text message which is instantly sent out to everyone in your network. The messages can be sent using your phone or your computer (which would make fast typing a lot easier and a lot more accurate).

But what makes this service really great (especially if it is being used to keep in touch with children and young people) is that by default, everyone’s mobile number is kept private from the others in the network (although this can be changed by the owner of the mobile number if they wish it).  So there would be no need to worry about bullying or harassment via text messaging as no-one would have access to any of the other numbers in the group.
gText also claims that you can use the service to send files such as photos and documents.


  • Send text messages to a group of people
  • Send the messages via a phone or computer
  • Numbers are kept private from the others in the group
  • Send files via text messaging

Check out gText @ via Free Technology For Teachers

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