Friday 27 July 2012

Airtel 3G free on Nokia Lumia 800 Dark Knight

Airtel's online store ( is offering a Dark Knight Rises special edition of Nokia Lumia 800 for Rs 24,999.

If you are planning to buy a limited edition Dark Knight Nokia Lumia 800 smartphone, check out Airtel's online store as it is offering free goodies along with the device.

Airtel's online store ( is offering the Dark Knight Rises special edition of Nokia Lumia 800 for Rs 24,999 along with 2 GB of 3G data free from Airtel for four months. You will also get a special Dark Knight Rises Messenger Bag free along with the smartphone, but the catch is that to get these freebies one has to book the smartphone before July 31 as the offer will expire after that.

The limited edition of Lumia 800 was recently launched by Nokia in association with makers of the latest Batman flick, Dark Knight Rises. The black phone has a Batman logo at the back. The phone also has special contents like exclusive premier videos and wallpapers of the movie.

Nokia Lumia 800 is a Windows Phone with a 3.7 inch Amoled capacitive touchscreen with pinch to zoom and a built in 8 megapixel camera. Its Li-ion battery claims to provide talk time of 13 hours and standby time of 265 hours. The phone has 16 GB internal memory but there is no option for expandable memory.

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  1. the style and other features are very nice, the Dark Knight Rises Lumia 800 one of the smartphone. I want more detail about this lumina 800 pls mail me...