Sunday 22 July 2012

Undelete For Google Calendar: Easily Recover Deleted Google Calendar Events

Lots of Internet users make use of Google Calendar to manage their schedules and events. Losing a calendar or event can be a serious issue for most users since important event data is stored within the calendars. While Google Calendar does not offer a built-in function to fully recover deleted events, an app called Undelete for Google Calendar helps perform this task.

Undelete for Google Calendar is a free to use web service that undeletes the events that have been deleted from your Google Calendar. All you need to do is sign into the site using your Google Apps account and then authorize it access to your Google account. Your calendars are then monitored and anytime you delete an event, it can be recovered from within Undelete for Google Calendar with all its main details.


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Helps recover deleted Google events.
  • Recovers all the main details.
  • A must-have for all Google Calendar users for prevention of event-data loss.
  • Other Google calendar  Tools: feedCal and Minimalist Google Calendar.

Check out Undelete for Google Calendar @

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