Sunday 29 July 2012

resumeLater – Watch A YouTube Video From Where You Left Off Last Time

8 years worth of content is uploaded to YouTube every day, quite a lot of it full length documentaries and feature films.  But we all lead busy lives and we may not be able to watch a whole video in one sitting.  But then the problem arises – how do you find y0ur exact place in the video when you come back the next time to finish it?  Instead of getting frustrated by clicking for ever and ever, try the Firefox extension “resumeLater” instead.

resumeLater sits unobtrusively at the bottom of your Firefox browser and quietly monitors your YouTube watching. When you stop a YouTube video, it marks your precise place so you know where to come back to next time.  Then when that time comes, just click on the green arrow logo at the bottom of the browser, then click on the larger green arrow inside the box that pops up.

You will then see a list of all the videos you haven’t finished watching yet, along with the exact places where you stopped last time.  Simply click on the one you wish to continue watching and the video will open in a new window at the exact moment you need to start watching.


  • Firefox extension for marking where you left off in unfinished YouTube videos
  • Click the one you want to watch and resumeLater will start it at the correct place

Check out resumeLater @

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