Wednesday 25 July 2012

Meaki: A Simple Webpage Clipper

Would you not love to clip websites just as you clipped newspaper articles and advertisements to save them and view later on? Meaki is the perfect tool for this purpose.

Meaki is just like a pair of scissors for the Internet which allows users to clip webpages and save them for later viewing anytime. Meaki uses a simple bookmark add-on and account registration method to allow users to clip websites they want to save for later viewing.
Meaki is currently in beta stages and already have thousands of clips made by other users. To save you time, you can browse through clips and save any clip you like in your own clipset.

Using the service is easy and is free of cost. Just make an account on Meaki and put the “Bookmark Button” in your bookmarks. Once you come to a webpage you want to clip, just click on the Meaki button, and it will guide you further on to clip the page.


  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Save webpages for later viewing purposes – never loose a website you love.
  • Find other clippings on Meaki to find new and interesting websites.

Check out Maeki @

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