Wednesday 25 July 2012

Facebook a hit among Indian mobile phone users

Of all the users who access Facebook, most users prefer mobile as the proffered medium to access their favorite social networking website Facebook in India.

Facebook, the online social networking website which is vigourously promoting its mobile version, is one of the most popular websites that is accessed by over 50 million users across India. This was revealed by Kirthiga Reddy, director (Online Operations) of Facebook India.

In December last year, a report claimed that Facebook has about 300 million mobile phone users worldwide access the social network through their mobile phones. Now, this means that a 6th of the Facebook mobile phone users are from India!

Facebook, in recent times, has vigourously promoted its mobile phone website, launching an application for even most common of handsets. In fact, many handset manufacturers have come out with their Facebook oriented smartphones and feature phones. Deep integration of Facebook is also becoming a bigger selling point for handsets these days.

From Indian context, the numbers not only shows the popularity of the social network but also the deep penetration of telecom services.

However, judging from the fact that India has about 900 million mobile users, Facebook has a lot of ground to cover.

Also, social networking is not just the only source of interest for the users. According to the Opera Software Mobile Web report for 2011, Google, Facebook and YouTube are the top three websites accessed by the Opera mobile browser users. Other websites that featured in the top 10 website list are Wikipedia,,,,, and in that order.

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