Friday 27 July 2012

Linux Mint 13 KDE released

The final release of Linux Mint 13 KDE is now available for download. Based on the KDE desktop version of Ubuntu 12.04, this is the current stable release and includes version 4.8.4 of the KDE Software Compilation. A part of the Mint 13 family, it has been created by the Mint development team starting from the main Ubuntu distribution. It is perfect for those who want Ubuntu or Mint on their machines but are not comfortable with Cinnamon or MATE, and feel that Xfce might be downsizing too much.

The ISO DVD installation image is around 900 MB in size and available in 32-bit and 64-bit versions. It is a hybrid ISO image, so you can either burn it on a DVD or copy to a USB Flash drive. You can simply download the image to the USB drive if you have a Linux system. Check out the Release Notes and What's New documents for more details about the contents of this release.

Here’s a list of what’s included in Linux Mint 13 KDE:

Linux Kernel 3.2.0: Features support for all latest devices to make it work out-of-the-box on any device. You are not going to encounter any driver or screen problems with this release. Network problems, including Bluetooth and 3G cellular modem, are taken care of too.

KDE 4.8.4: The KDE 4.8 desktop is the highlight of this edition. It is powerful and flexible at the same time and carries the traditional charm that most users prefer on their Linux machines.

digiKam 2.5.0: digiKam 2.5.0 takes care of all your photo-management needs. Image editing, cataloging, tagging, geolocating, publishing/sharing and panorama creation are just some of the functions this program is capable of handling.

LibreOffice Apart from Text, Spreadsheet, Presentation, Database and Drawing, LibreOffice can also read MS Office documents and make PDF files.

Firefox 14.0.1: The latest version of Firefox ensures a hassle-free browsing experience.

GIMP Image Editor 2.6.12: GIMP Image Editor is for users who are deeply into photo editing and need something more expert and powerful than digiKam.

Gwenview 2.8.4: Gwenview is a photo viewer with some basic functions related to photo management. A perfect alternative for users who are not into complex photo editing or stuff like that. It simpy lets you view photos and organize them into albums.

Amarok 2.5.0: Amarok 2.5.0 is a feature-rich audio player to take care of your audio files.

Kaffeine 1.2.2: Kaffeine 1.2.2 is a media player with digital TV support.

VLC Player 2.0.1: VLC player is the preferred player for most of us when it comes to watching our favorite video. Of course, it has no problem doubling up as your audio player.


System requirements for Linux Mint KDE 13:

x86 processor (for both 32-bit and 64-bit versions)
x86_64 compatible processor (for the 64-bit version)
1 GB of system memory (RAM)
5 GB of disk space for installation
Graphics card capable of 800×600 resolution
CD-ROM drive or USB port

Head over to The Linux Mint Blog to get downloads and other important instructions.

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