Friday 20 July 2012

Mention: An Easy To Use Social Network Monitoring Tool

Mention is an online tool and website that allow users to monitor social networking websites, and allows them to create alerts if there is any mention of their brand, their industry, company, name or competitors.

As you open up the software/tool, you will be required to enter the “Name”, “Keywords” or anything else for which it should search for on the Internet and alert you. You can not only find the mentions on social networking websites such as Twitter and Facebook but also on blogs, forums, news and more. You can pick your sources and find selectively using your settings panel to change sources.

The free version of the software supports only 500 mentions a month but you can increase the quota by buying a premium membership.

The tool can be used online, or downloaded as software for your Windows, Mac, or Linux operating system.


  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Find any mention of yourself, your brand name, industry or rival online.
  • Allows people to keep track of their things as they spread around the Internet.
  • Can be downloaded on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Check out Mention @

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