Sunday, 22 July 2012

Genietrack: Monitor Your Child’s Location Simply & Quickly [iOS]

If you are a busy parent and are working throughout the day, or just do not have time to keep a check on your child as he/she goes out with friends or so, then Genietrack is the application for you.

Genietrack is an iPhone application for iOS users 3.0 and later that allows parents to monitor their children’s location easily and quickly in the most user-friendly manner. It requires the parent to make a free account on Genietrack’s website. Once done, the parents can configure the online settings on Genietrack’s website for specific alerts such as location address, tracking frequency and alert parameters.

All you need to do after this is install the Genietrack application on your child’s iPhone, enter the Token ID from the app into the Genietrack Locator mobile application on your mobile, and click “Start Service”.
You can then receive real-time alerts via e-mail or SMS when your child travels outside the home, approaches a residence of a known sex offender or simply when their mobile is switched off, or whenever your child does an action for which an alert parameter has been set.


  • Receive real-time updates and alerts on your child’s location on-the go.
  • Geotag child’s position on map using the Genietrack application.
  • Requires continuous use of GPS in background.
  • Genietrack family safety service is supported on both Android and iPhone mobile devices.
  • Real time alerts via email and text messages are available, with multiple alert options, including location relative to sex offenders’ residences, when your child leaves or arrives at a specified location, speed of travel, last location visited, prolonged inactivity, and more. Genietrack service supports geofencing with multiple monitoring options, including mile radius.
  • “Personal Dashboard” features real-time location view and customizable activity reports, and ability to suspend or re-start tracking with a single click.
  • Continuous use of GPS in background is required with the iPhone but not with the Android device.

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