Saturday 28 July 2012

Keyboard app for sport enthusiasts.

Keypoint technology has launched Adaptxt sports theme with integrated sports dictionary to help users gain insights on favorite sport, team, sportsperson, etc.

KeyPoint Technologies, has launched a new keyboard Adaptxt sports theme with a Sports 2012 theme for the sports lovers.

This new theme for Adaptxt smartphones users sports a vibrant color combination of Green, Red, Orange, Blue and Yellow representing the Olympic rings and Olympic torch.

The Adaptxt Sports 2012 theme comes with a "2012 Sports Dictionary (English)" that helps the user enjoy his favorite games even when he is typing mails or messages. The sports dictionary is in addition to existing dictionary set which facilitates relevant error correction, next word prediction while texting.

Another feature that's being developed and deployed exclusively for smartphones is the "Xplore" key feature. This new feature enables the user to gain insights about his favorite sport, team, sportsperson etc by using them as keywords and seeking information with just a single tap.

The user just needs to type and then select the sports keyword from the suggestion bar or type the keyword and hit the spacebar, which then activates the Xplore key on the keyboard like a glowing bulb. Clicking on the Xplore key then directs the user to a specific link where all the relevant information is displayed.

KPT also plans an Adaptxt sports 2012 theme release for their Tablet users soon featuring the sports keyboard layout and the 2012 Sports (EN) Dictionary.

Sumit Goswami, chief executive officer of KeyPoint Technologies "We wanted to provide a unique experience for the sports fanatics to stay in sync with all information on the sports front regarding their favorite sportsperson, team, sport etc, thereby becoming a one stop shop for the entire sports buzz.".

Adaptxt keyboard for Android Smartphone is currently available on Google Play store and Getjar App stores. All the add-ons available on Google Play store for Android users are free to use for a limited period.

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