Tuesday 24 July 2012

Defenx AntiTheft solutions available for Android

Defenx, Swiss IT security provider for home and enterprises, has introduced its new Anti-Theft solution for smartphones and tablets. The technology built around the 'AntiTheft' feature of Defenx Smartphone and Tablet Security suite enables one to lock their smartphones and tablets, and wipe the data remotely via SMS; this ensures a high level of data protection and mobile security. SIM card change lock system alerts three user defined numbers when an attempt is made to change the existing registered SIM on the smartphone or tablet.

Defenx AntiTheft feature notifies about the theft when the SIM is changed and also provides the current location of the device if it is GPS enabled, thus providing possible means to recover the device as well as offering reliable mobile antitheft protection. The user has an additional option to select up to three mobile numbers to which the theft alerts reach immediately when an attempt is made to change the SIM card. The file size of the software is as small as 2MB and it can be easily installed and activated. The Defenx Smartphone and tablet Security suite is designed in such a way that it requires low memory footprint to run and hence, uses less battery power to run its daily updates. Defenx AntiTheft solution is simple to install and use, and even those with little technical knowledge can enable the software to activate the AntiTheft feature for their devices.

Mr Maurizio Grassi, CEO at Defenx Software Solutions said, "Smartphones and tablets are increasingly becoming very important devices in this BYOD era.  Experts say that by 2015 every employee will carry at least 2 personal devices to work. Hence securing the data on smartphones and tablets is a must, when the device is with you or even when it is stolen. The Defenx Anti-Theft solutions helps one achieve the same."

Defenx Smartphone and Tablet Security suite also has Defenx AntiVirus, which is easy to use and protect smartphones and tablets from viruses, spyware and malicious applications. Along with this, Defenx AntiSpam offers complete control over which messages one wants to accept or reject, providing a simple application that helps reduce the spam received from unknown numbers and the specified users.

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