Friday 27 July 2012

FBProfileCovers: Create & Browse Visually Appealing Facebook Timeline Cover Photos

Facebook is used by almost all of us to keep our friends updated with what is going in our lives. The network offers us numerous options to customize our profiles and make our spaces more personal. One feature of the network that lets us personalize our profiles is the cover photo which is now situated on top of the Facebook timeline. A good cover photo can really make your timeline stand out from the rest. Here to help you get your hands on good cover photos and make them from your own photos is a web service called FB Profile Covers.

FB Profile Covers is a free to use web service that lets its users browse numerous cover photos that are visually appealing. On the left pane of the site you will find various categories of cover photos; from abstract and animals to nature and religion, you will find cover photos of a wide variety. Clicking on a cover photo category opens up relevant cover photos in the right pane. To set the cover photo as your own, all you have to do is click on it.

This useful website also lets you create your own cover photos. You start doing this by selecting the “Create Facebook Cover” option from the left pane and then giving the FB Profile Covers app access to your Facebook images. The application creates a visually appealing cover photo by using a mixture of your current Facebook images. If you do not like the default template of the cover photo, you can choose a different template from the image thumbnail present under the image.

You can then shuffle image or simply proceed to the final step and make the image your Facebook timeline cover photo.


  • A user-friendly web service
  • Offers numerous visually appealing cover photos
  • Lets you create cover photos from your existing Facebook images
  • Offers various cover photos templates for you to choose from

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